Month End: January Snapshot

This month, I said I do and till death do us part to my best friend and my love. I’ll be honest! The wedding process is stressful. If you plan on doing an actual wedding that involves a venue and family, then you will spend money and you will at some point get frustrated. My wife and I are very low maintenance and low-key people, but even we found ourselves exhausted both emotionally and mentally when all was said and done. I’ve moved out of my parents’ home and into an apartment. I’ve had plenty of guy roommates, but now is the first time I’ve ever lived with a female. We’re growing used to living together, and as she gets accustomed to my quirks, and tendencies, every day I’m more and more thankful to God that she is in my life. She said yes to this mess.

At month end, she’s currently not working, and we’re living primarily off her medical retirement and a portion of my income, but thankfully we are both open about our finances and operate our business together. I’ve helped her sign on a new associate for her business, and I’m truly looking forward to what this new year will bring. Due to our honeymoon, I paid a little less than normal on my debt, but the important thing to remember is: if you are in debt, do not miss your payments, and do not let them go 30 days past due. Find a way to make money to pay your debt obligations. If you got yourself in this mess in the first place, it’s your responsibility to get out of it.

If you want to learn more about how I’m increasing my income, while reducing debt or if you want to have someone to discuss your debt reduction strategy with, or if you need a financial check-up, contact me.

The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

I believe in your journey to….

A Debt Free Me

Here’s this month’s video


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