January 1, 2019

My last blog post was June 2, 2018. Throughout the year, I tried to commit to my schedule of a blog every two weeks on a Saturday. Honestly, I couldn’t commit to it. 2018 was a Year of Restoration. When you restore something, there are times when you must cut it, break it, bend it, and even burn it to bring it back to what it is meant to be. A restoration can also can be considered a resurrection. Something brand new rising from glorious ruins. Today starts a brand-new year. A Year of Great Joy. I had two blogs and I consolidated both domain addresses into one domain address. It was like having two sides of the same coin. Throughout 2018, I had to focus on what’s most important, and I’m thankful for 2018.

I wanted to go back and catch up on the blogs I hadn’t posted. I’m letting the blogs I didn’t write go and focusing on today and starting from day one. The format will stay the same, but I’ll be using articles that aren’t just finance and business focused.  The articles are for leaving a legacy, and hopefully they’ll help you. I’ll blog at least once a month. In the end, we’re better together. Let 2019 be filled with joy.

If you need a financial check-up or prayer be sure to contact me.

This week, I’ve included FOCUS , LISTEN, LIFT – Best Gym Training Motivation from the Mulligan Brothers YouTube channel.


“If you think you know it all, you’re a fool for sure; real survivors learn wisdom from others.”

Proverbs 28:26 MSG


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