Month End: January Snapshot

The meme above represents my expectations for this year. LOL (laughing out loud). It is not that I don’t believe that something good can happen. I hope for the best and prepare for the worst. As this month ended, I was surprised to receive a bonus and a raise in my pay. In the previous year, we didn’t receive an incentive or a raise due to my company wanting to lower its overall costs and maintain its profit levels. Do I disagree with it? In a sense no, however for me the internal customers (employees) must be highly valued to effectively manage the external customers (consumers). It is because of this incentive and pay bump, I was able to pour even more back into savings to get the remaining balance down to $4,59248. This amount is the balance that I need to return the savings back to where it was before paying off the Navient student loan. What has made our debt free journey work better is being open, honest, and communicating about finances. We do not always agree, but we consistently talk about financial decisions, and we point out when our spending is becoming excessive. Life will consistently bring expenses you did not see or expect. You may not always have liabilities, but you will always have expenses. I will continue to pay on our debt with normal payments until the savings is replenished because that is what we both agreed to. Your finances can change in a relationship when you come into agreement, and it was when we came into agreement that may debt radically began to be paid down. There is power in agreement and it’s a secret ingredient to helping you focus your debt free strategy. Do you have agreement in becoming debt free?

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This month’s video is FIGHTER MINDSET – Powerful Motivational Speech/Video [1 hour+] from the Mulligan Brothers YouTube channel.

“The LORD will send rain at the proper time from his rich treasury in the heavens and will bless all the work you do. You will lend to many nations, but you will never need to borrow from them.”


I believe in your journey to….

A Debt Free Me


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