Month End: March Snapshot

Over this past month, I’ve had the opportunity to pay off the Wells Fargo Line of Credit and utilize a zero-balance transfer option on my Barclay’s card to reduce the payment amount of my overall debt. My next target will be the Barclay’s card as I chip away at the Capital One card. It’s important to be flexible with your debt re-payment strategy. Set your sight on a balance and target it but be open to opportunities to reduce the debt faster, even if you utilize a promotional balance transfer option. A word of caution, when you do use a promotional balance transfer remember two points: 1) the offer is for a 12-month period on average (check your terms) and 2) you are charged a balance transfer fee (weigh the cost vs. benefit). In the end, a balance transfer can eliminate the high interest debt which can not only eliminate the payment but also create a lower payment overall which increases cash flow.

An increase in cash flow, creates more money to reduce debt, or to be used towards living expenses. In your journey, you’ll experience a lot of emotional forces at play which may encourage you to spend. The best process to fight these forces is to seek help from others, set up small reward systems to curb the spending, and grow your asset column. As I said in one of my earlier posts, I’ve gotten out of debt before, but when I did, I had no control over my spending and got right back in the hole again. Why? Because I didn’t take time to address my spending issue in the first place, and I didn’t grow my asset column. While you’re getting out of debt, see if you can create something which will produce money for you. The one thing we have which is absolutely fixed is time. At some point the clock will reach zero. Value your time and maximize your use of it.

This new year has been challenging, because of the wedding planning and the financial obstacles that present itself. Every obstacle creates an opportunity to trust God and those closest to you. You’re not in this process alone. There’s a four-step process that I do whenever I receive income, which I will share with you in a later post. This process has blessed me in my journey to debt freedom. I’ve included a short video clip from Joe McGee to help you turn an obstacle into an opportunity. Enjoy:

Turning an obstacle into an opportunity is about changing your vision and your thinking. Have someone to discuss your debt reduction strategy with, and if you need a financial check-up contact me.

The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

I believe in your journey to….

A Debt Free Me


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